Frequently Asked Questions

1. Why do people with diabetes have to double the dose a day?

>Maintenance dose ~ 2 sachets per day
>Therapeutic dose – 2 sachets, 2 times per day

Because diabetes patients can easily lose chromium, they need large quantities of chromium in order to allow insulin to function optimally.

2. After taking Gludyna, how soon can I see improvement?

Patients’ conditions vary greatly which cause the improvement to be different.
The effect of continuous taking Gludyna is good.

From clinical experiments:
Mild Fatty Liver / Diabetes Patient : averagely 1 month
Moderate to Severe Fatty Liver / Diabetes Patient: 3 to 4 months.

3. Can okra water, bitter gourd peptide and other natural herbs improve blood sugar?

Some people drink okra water or take bitter gourd supplement to lower their blood sugar, however there are limited proven clinical human trials on the efficacy of these methods.

Some people may develop GI Effects (eg: diarrhea ; abdominal pain) or even headache after from consuming bitter gourd supplement. It is also not suitable for people with impaired hepatic function.

Okra water may cause allergy to people who is allergic to it.

4. Why is Lactoferrin Chromium better?

Lactoferrin Chromium, found in Gludyna GalaChrom, stands out for good reasons. Let’s compare:

Brewer’s Yeast: Used in beer making, it’s unstable, hard to store, and sensitive to moisture. Comes as tablets or powder.

Chromium Nicotinate: Mixed with niacin, but doesn’t release chromium effectively after water absorption. Comes as tablets or capsules.

Chromium Picolinate: Made from artificial compounds, possibly with risks. Comes as tablets or capsules.

 Gludyna GalaChrom Lactoferrin Chromium: Here’s the winner. Lactoferrin is the carrier, binding to specific receptors in the intestines. It mimics the safe absorption of chromium in human colostrum, ensuring easy and effective intake without any burden. It’s available in powder form.

Make the wise choice with Lactoferrin Chromium for better well-being.

5. What are the most common and least common comments from people after taking Gludyna?

Most people don’t have side effects after taking Gludyna.
Some people may feel thirsty, tired, a bit hot or mild diarrhea (rarely) for the first few days, don’t worry this is a sign of detoxification & increase of metabolism.

6. Is Gludyna suitable for children?

Not really, it should be controlled or decreased amount because of the amounts of 200 mcg Cr are too much for children.

7. Is Gludyna suitable for those with lactose intolerance?

Gludyna is suitable for those who are lactose intolerance, because the milk concentration is very low.

8. Is Gludyna suitable for patient with kidney problem?

Yes, Gludyna is suitable for patient with kidney problem.

9. Can Gludyna replace drugs for diabetes?

Gludyna is a health supplement which helps in reducing blood sugar level with no side effects. It complements diabetes drugs. You need to consult your doctor if you would like to adjust your diabetes medication. Gludyna can improve diabetes patients lifestyles.