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GalaChrom in GLUDYNA

Inside GLUDYNA lies GalaChrom Lactoferrin Chromium, a pioneering GTF (Glucose Tolerance Factor) formula that mirrors the extraordinary properties. GalaChrom not only enhances insulin receptor sensitivity but also facilitates the efficient uptake of glucose into cells. It’s not just a supplement; it’s a pathway to improve well-being and metabolic health.

Nature’s Secret:

The Glucose Tolerance Factor in



Colostrum, the milk produced within the first 72 hours after birth, has a yellowish hue and a subtle fishy aroma. But it’s more than just a source of nutrients; it’s packed with special components that help build immunity. These include immunoglobulins, growth factors, and more.

Inside the GLUDYNA, we’ve developed a unique combination akin to human colostrum. It’s known as the “lactochrome complex.”

Our bodies have specific areas in the small intestine designed for easy absorption of this complex.

Maxluck Biotech Corp’s Advanced GTF:

GalaChrom Lactoferrin Chromium in GLUDYNA

Our proprietary GTF (Glucose Tolerance Factor) formula, GalaChrom Lactoferrin Chromium, is a pioneering solution that replicates the benefits of GTF found in human colostrum lactochrome complex. With lactoferrin-specific receptors in the human small intestine for effortless absorption, Gludyna’s GalaChrom Lactoferrin Chromium enhances insulin receptor sensitivity and promotes the efficient uptake of glucose into body cells.

How GalaChrom plays a vital role in

The Mechanism of GalaChrom in Regulating Blood Glucose

1. GalaChrom activates insulin receptor to promote binding of Insulin to Insulin receptor.
2. After binding, activates the second messenger and a series of downstream reactions.
3. Activated Glucose Transport Protein.
4. Boosts the blood glucose to enter cell.
Gludyna jumpstarts the insulin receptors, initiating a sequence of signals. This enhances the body’s response to insulin, making it more effective. This improved sensitivity helps escort glucose into cells, where it’s used for energy production. As a result, blood sugar levels naturally decrease. In short, Gludyna’s action streamlines the insulin process, promoting energy utilization and maintaining balanced blood sugar levels.

Heart-Healthy Power:



Oats, a globally cherished whole grain, have become a dietary favorite due to their heart-protective qualities. Recognized as a health gem since the mid-1980s, oats gained popularity for their heart disease prevention benefits. Loaded with secondary metabolites, including beta-glucan, oats hold the key to wellness. Beta-glucan, a soluble fiber found in oats, also exists in microalgae, fungi, and plants. It’s a champion in managing cholesterol levels. Studies reveal that incorporating oat beta-glucan into your diet can significantly lower total and LDL-cholesterol in individuals with high cholesterol.

GLUDYNA’s Safety

  • Chromium in Gludyna is a trivalent Chromium which has very low toxicity.
  • According to the assessment safety and appropriate daily intake data established by the US Environmental Protection Agency:
    > up to 350 times of the recommended daily intake (200 mcg) is still within the safe range.
  • Lactochrome will be mainly excreted through urine after regulating blood sugar, it will not cause physical burden.
  • Tested by the Institute of Agricultural Drug Toxicology and Food Industry Development Research Institute of the Council of Agriculture of the Executive Yuan:
  • Genotoxicity test
  • Oral acute toxicity test
  • 28-day feeding toxicity test

Proven Clinical Studies

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